• Francie

Living the Life I Ordered

I read a post on face book last week that stopped me in my tracks. It said, "Live your life as if it is the one you ordered rather than the one you were given."

I believe the cosmos is more mysterious than we humans could ever begin to comprehend so who's to say whether I did or did not order this life ?? Emotional wounds and terrible loneliness could be something that my soul felt it needed to experience. If so my work is to build the wounded child some boundaries and see the alone-ness as a positive.

The mandala is called,"Unsilent Words of the Waxing Moon". It's big - 36" x 36" The Moon, that queen of the unconscious, is speaking. There are things she wants to express and as you can see her words have broken through the first line of defence, the reptiles.

It's a start.

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