• Francie

Hey Lady, Your Marshmallow's on Fire

So much is happening to this old woman. Her mask is falling off, she is finally communicating, she's fighting so many restrictions but the only thing people see is that her marshmallow is burning.

I'm going to the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair this year.

I wish I could have been accepted when my hip wasn't so sore and my hair wasn't so grey but I never had anything to say when I was young. I wanted desperately to be a famous artist and live in Toronto with plenty of lovers at my beck and call but I didn't want to spend the time I do now alone creating art.

So why I'm going?? It will be painful, expensive and stressful, probably terribly embarrassing because although I throw paint around I'm no painter.

But you know, if you are lucky these things happen at the end of life, you get a chance to tie things up.

I'm going because somehow it brings me full circle.


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