• Francie

He Maketh Me to Lie Down in Green Pastures

The 2nd image in my series of paintings on the 23rd Psalm.

I see the 23rd Psalm as a journey. I had to sink into the 'Still Waters' of the unconscious to find out why the 23rd Psalm speaks to me as strongly today as it did when i was a child, because obviously so much has changed. I've tried so many different branches of the church and never found a home anywhere. Mathew Fox and his writings of the Cosmic Christ are a haven now.

Anyway, as a child, lying in the Green Pasture under the watchful eye of a loving and protective Father God brought great comfort. Today, now that I am old and have entered the Still Waters my comfort comes also from the Mother God, or Mother Wisdom, She who was with the Father when time began, seen here in her serpent form.

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