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Finding Light in Darkness

"Finding Light in Darkness" is a new series about, gosh, well everything that has been going on inside and outside of me.

I started the year getting a wee cancerous growth taken off my forehead then in the middle of the year I was laid up for months with hip surgery and I finished the year with cataract surgery. Meanwhile Ottawa was full of hot tubs and horns and people roasting pigs in the street and many, many scary looking police. Families and friendships were broken. And the pandemic rolled on and on and our health care system is on its knees and the Premier of Ontario wants to pave our green belt.

I'm not sure I got it all, but you get my drift.

But the thing about life is that we just keep going until we can't go anymore. It is our nature to somehow in the midst of the dark, to find something to hang on to.

To find the light.

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