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Bats and the Creator

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

A few people, meaning two, have wondered aloud if I understand what happens in some of my pieces.

Of course I do. I can tell when I'm working in the realm of the archetypes but I can't control it.

Sometimes - and this is probably the main problem, I have my own agenda about where I want a picture to go, so I don't let the painting talk. I want so badly to be a 'good' artist. A neat tidy artist like say, (I aim high), Tom Thompson or someone who paints deep. beautiful, well planned and meaningful pictures like Edward Hopper, but the truth is I am more interested in connecting with the spirit than I am in the medium or the design. And usually it isn't pretty.

Yesterday an odd thing happened. I have been a bit out of sorts, my last painting was finished but I could see it was empty.

In the afternoon I joined a group f people who had gathered at Rodman Hall to listen to an indigenous man speak about his art. Just as he got started a bat swooped out of nowhere and flapped around the room for the longest time. In my memory it appeared just as he was saying, "You have to connect with your art." For some reason I knew exactly what he meant and I had a vision of how my picture was meant to look. I could hardly wait to get home so I could shout, "I hear you! I hear you!"

Interestingly enough a friend pointed me in the direction of an Iroquois legend about the first bat. Bats are connected to the game of lacrosse and remind us to honour the Creator.

Which is a wonderful thing.

(note: the small figure represents consciousness, the large sleeping figure represents the great unconscious to which we are all connected.)


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