A Timeless Heart of Stone

I am fascinated with the idea that my ancestors, the most ancient of my maternal ancestors - made art. Not that I think that the concept of 'art' as we understand it today was the driving force behind their creations. I believe they likely needed to make a connection with the spirit world and used whatever they had on hand in order to do so- sinew, bones, antlers, stones, shells, twigs, feathers, seeds, flowers, fur.

There is no specific 'women's art' from the Paleolithic that's ever been found that I'm aware of, although carvings and cave paintings stand as a spine tingling testament to the fact that they made art and it was important to them.

Can we submerge into the collective unconscious - that repository of every human thought from the beginning of time, and channel the thinking of our most ancient grandmothers?

Well, no, the type of art they made is probably a "you had to be there" kind of a thing. But oddly enough, in a strange kind of a way, I feel that somehow with some of these pendants, I've touched the tiniest little bit of that great stream that runs through time. Like a spirit mask, if you are open to it and wearing one, you will feel your guardian grandmothers close by.

Watching over you.

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