When I finish a piece that speaks to me I always have the sensation that I've seen it before, that it has always existed. 

For the past several years I have been working exclusively in oil pastels and before that  I worked with pen and ink.  This spring, just as I was finishing a series of radiation treatments for stage 1 breast cancer I was invited to join a plein air water colour group.   I enjoyed it immensely and on a whim went out and bought some oil paint. 


Lately I have simply been trusting that my muse will take me where I need to be. I let my fingers do what they want to do and I give little conscious thought to form or the colours I choose. 

Cancer has a way of catapulting a person into another way of seeing things and the slow drying oil paint allowed me to explore new techniques and subjects. 

I still highlight with oil pastels, mainly because I don't like using brushes and the pastel stick allows me to define smaller areas better than if I was just using my fingers, but 99% of the pictures are oils done on a glazed India ink background.

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